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DMP100 - Video Amp
DMP102 - Video Amp
DMP200 - Extremely flat gain & linear phase response
                 20dBm with 3db NF
DMP300 - DC to 1.2 GHz w/ configurable gain from 28dB to 10dB
DMP700 - Variable gain control module


DMP220 Multiple input Amp with 3dB NF

DMP400 Single-end input to differential 1GHz

DMP450 Differential-in Differential-out 1 GHz

DMP500 40dB AGC

DMP530 High Speed Sample Hold Amp

DMP550 Differential-in Differential-out AGC

DMP600 40 dB digitally controlled programmable Gain Amp (USB interface)

DMP701 Differential Gain 20dB to 40dB

DMP800 Differential Output Power Amp

DMP900 High speed Transimpedance Amp with PD